We provide an unmatched level of personal attention, experience and support to every client. Understanding that each business is unique, we take the time to understand individual needs, objectives and challenges. Our solutions are custom and robust to guide our clients through the complexities of trade and integrate global initiatives into existing domestic operations.

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Businesses considering global trade will gain keen insight on all the many considerations, along with meaningful guidance and best practices for going forward in the short and long term. For clients with existing trade operations, our team provides an invaluable outside perspective – satisfying questions like how to increase efficiencies, how to reduce costs and opportunities to expand partnerships. With a global network of partners, BSC assists in a multitude of key areas, including finding the right logistics provider, researching operations and sourcing partners, or obtaining needed funding.

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Global Supply Chain Consulting Firm – Brian Shube Consulting

Established in 1995, BSC is an invaluable partner to small- to mid-sized businesses considering import or export. Our team is led by Brian Shube, who has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution, specifically import, export and supply chain management. The guidance, resources and services provided by the BSC team to its many clients have proven invaluable in quickly maximizing the benefits of global trade to grow their business.



Brian Shube Consulting (BSC) was founded in 1995 and several of our clients from those early years are still clients today.  This is a testament to our services and genuine caring for our clients success. 

 Our mission is to help businesses grow by controlling costs and reducing risk.  BSC focuses on supply chain management, finding ways to more closely integrate businesses with their customers and suppliers.  We support export and import initiatives so our clients can find new markets for their products and services, and new sources for their raw materials.

Many of our clients are start-up or early stage businesses that we believe are positioned for significant growth.  Projects have included everything from formulating business plans to organizing our clients operations to optimize utilization of their resources. 

Some of our clients are looking to other countries for new markets or sources for raw materials.  They often find that leaving the safe confines of their domestic environment and entering global markets can be a daunting task.  BSC provides much needed direction and guidance to help them to navigate the complex regulatory requirements of the target country.  We help them with everything from finding business partners on the ground to organizing the logistics to transport, store and deliver the products securely.

While our clients span a wide array of industries, from retail to manufacturing, our primary focus in recent years has been in the food industry.  For example, we helped a client who was just starting up their business. They had a concept involving importing a food product into the US and had plans to source the product in Israel.  Beyond that, they didn’t really know how to proceed.  BSC helped them to negotiate a deal with the Israeli factory, setup logistics operations, design packaging, navigate US food and customs regulations, and develop a sales and marketing strategy to get their business off the ground. 

One of the founding principles of BSC is that we focus on developing long term relationships with our clients. We measure our success on the success of our clients.  We provide each client with a high level of personal service and view them as family.


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