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Ninety-seven percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States. For those businesses that have successfully addressed the local market, exporting products outside the country can lead to tremendous opportunities and benefits, including:

Increased Sales Potential - While importing products can help businesses reduce costs, exporting products can unleash sales potential in new international markets. This is especially true for businesses that have an established product with a proven interest within the U.S. market.

Greater Profits – Foreign product orders are generally larger than orders placed by local buyers, especially if the product is well received and considered unique or innovative in the International market.


Whether you are targeting a key market in Asia or trying sell your products to a business in Paris, BSC will help unlock the potential so you can grow.


Helping Businesses Harness The Global Market

Learn how our export consulting services can help your business reach untapped sales potential.

Our Trade Experts Get You Where You Want To Be

Exporting products is a complex process that requires the right partner to help ensure efficiencies and compliance. To address the multitude of business considerations involved with exporting, BSC and our team of experienced professionals provide the right blend of services. We help businesses:

• Identify international markets and distribution gaps
• Ensure government regulatory compliance
• Comply with licensing and certification
• Find supply chain management
• Establish pricing strategies
• Craft distribution agreements
• Source freight forwarders
• Ensure product compliance

​The Export Experience & Knowledge Your Business Needs To Succeed  

When it comes to the complexities of import / export, there are many areas requiring expert attention – legal, transportation, warehousing, distribution, marketing, human resources, and finance. Brian Shube Consulting is your one-stop source for effective and efficient global trade solutions that help businesses grow internationally.

                                               EXPORT SUPPORT

Only about 11% of U.S. companies sell their goods or services outside the U.S., yet 97% of the world's consumers are not here. Selling across borders has its own special challenges. These include government regulations, language, currency, limited market knowledge, and just shear distance. 

Our service helps to identify new markets and navigate the complexities of doing business outside the U.S.