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Learn how our global trade consulting services can help your business identify and develop new opportunities for growth and revenue.


While there is value to importing for many businesses operating in today’s competitive environment, it is not easy to get started and sustain. The process can be complex, involve numerous government agencies, and require coordination between multiple transportation companies in order to effectively move products from their source to their destination in accordance with voluminous regulatory requirements.

BSC and our team of experienced professionals help streamline the process. We

• Identify cost-effective sourcing
• Explain customs and border protection regulations
• Outline government FDA regulations
• Register manufacturing facilities
• Identify freight forwarders and domestic transportation
• Source warehouse facilities
• Coordinate the activities of the freight forwarder and customs broker
• Ensure the accurate and timely completion of all required paperwork

Growing a business in the U.S. often requires sourcing international products. There are many benefits to importing products, including: Introducing New Products – With the benefit of the internet, business owners can search and conduct market research to identify meaningful products to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Reducing Costs – Many of today’s businesses find importing products less expensive than producing them locally.

Advancing in the Industry –Importing products can establish a unique niche for many businesses, helping to become a leader in the market.

Provide High-Quality Products – Many businesses choose to import in order to introduce fine quality products into their product line.

Our Specialists Help Businesses Successfully Navigate The Import Process From Start To Finish

 The Import Experience & Knowledge Your Business Needs To  Succeed 

When it comes to the complexities ofimport / export, there are many areas requiring expert attention – legal, transportation, warehousing, distribution, marketing, human resources, and finance. Brian Shube Consulting is your one-stop source for effective and efficient global trade solutions that help businesses grow internationally.

                                                    IMPORT SUPPORT 

The process of importing food products into the U.S. can be a complex process involving numerous government agencies and coordinating transportation companies which could include trucks, trains, planes and ships needed to move products from their source to their destination. 

Our service helps to streamline the process, coordinating the activities of the freight forwarder, customs broker and making certain that all paperwork is properly filled out and filed in a timely manner. 

We Consult On Every Aspect of Importing



Greater economies of scale, increased profitability and a competitive market advantage begin with BSC as your import advisor.