Successfully conducting business outside the U.S. is challenging, and ever-changing trade regulations and compliance uncertainties are obstacles for many. Today’s businesses that navigate the global marketplace and overcome these obstacles realize tremendous growth opportunities. It is vital to partner with a trusted and experienced global trade consultant with a proven ability in guiding small- to medium-sized companies through the complex journey of international import / export.

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When it comes to the complexities of import / export, there are many areas requiring expert attention – legal, transportation, warehousing, distribution, marketing, human resources, and finance. Brian Shube Consulting is your one-stop source for effective and efficient global trade solutions that help businesses grow internationally.


Sourcing components and delivering product to your customers is often a much more complex task than one would think.
Decisions involving trucking and shipping even the movement of goods within your facility can profoundly effect your bottom line.
Even the location of your facility will have a direct effect on the cost of sourcing your components and the cost of delivering the finished goods.


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BSC has more then two decades of experience working with small and mid-sized companies to help grow their businesses.
 We focus on Export and Import initiatives that enable our clients to find new global markets for their products and services, and new sources for their raw materials.



We are a multi-lingual company specializing in scalable business development, assisting companies to remove the obstacles to growth, helping them expand creating new opportunities. 
We provide sales and marketing expertise to help companies bring their quality products and services to the market.
As a consulting organization, we support small and medium sized companies to expand operations, import/export, find efficiencies, logistics, marketing, funding, etc.   

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See how our global trade consulting services can assist you with scaling your business. We make sense of complex regulations, eliminate trade obstacles and develop new opportunities for growth and revenue.